Portfolio: Steve Mason

Steve Mason
You may not know Steve. But you know Steve’s work. You may think that other people started trends, but I’ll bet you Steve did it first. There are so many things that I’ve seen people geek over in the last few years that I saw Steve doing years prior. The guy is nuts. NUTS.

You know, I’ve only met Steve a couple of times, back during his tenure at BionicArts alongside my buddy Erin Staffel, who can be found at either of these great domains: CtrlSubstance or Die Skeleton …neither of which, of course, has a website there. I wish he’d show you how great he is, too.

In any case, the point here is…well, I’ve only met the guy a couple of times, but every time I look at Steve’s Portfolio, somehow I walk away feeling inferior. As Erin so eloquently put it today, “makes you want to pack it up and play video games.” Speaking of video games, check out Steve’s insanely sweet Soccer Pong game at the bottom of his portfolio.

My next domain is fuckpeoplewithbrainsdesignskillsandcodingknowhow.com. I really do think that Steve is one of the most talented cats around. So impressed, as always. Kudos Mr. Mason.

Movie review: Cinderella Man

I’m a romantic. I’m also an athlete at the heart. It makes for embarrassing scenes sometimes, like when you find yourself tearing up at The Legend of Bagger Vance or really any movie where the ending builds in a frenetic crescendo to this ultimate winning sequence. Like the ending of Rudy…forget about it.

So, put me down in front of a movie like Cinderella Man, and we have the makings of a sob-fest. Actually, I don’t think that I teared up, but my heart strings were definitely tugged heavily. Russell Crowe was pretty fantastic, and although I’m not a big fan of watching her on screen, Renee Zelleweger played convincingly as well. And shit, Paul Giamati plays Braddock’s manager; that guy is the most underrated talent in all of Hollywood.

But really, it’s the story itself that is so incredible. This guy, Jim J Braddock, was just a mediocre fighter, broke his hand and quit fighting to work the docks to keep his family through bouts of starvation and a fear of being turned out on the street through the Depression. But a random happenstance allowed him one last fight, which turned out to be the first of four fights that led him to a title fight against the well-feared Max Baer.

Not only did he defeat Baer…he was the Heavyweight Champion of the World for the better part of two years, until he lost it to Joe Louis. Joe Louis, considered by some the greatest fighter ever, was on record stating that Braddock was “the most courageous man he’d ever fought.” Quite a large statement coming from that man. That’s like earning respect from Ali.

It’s a second chance story. A story of redemption, of a comeback. Everybody loves comebacks. Everybody loves the underdog. And unless you just have a difficult time with any of the lead characters, you won’t be disappointed.

Back in Cali

We just got back to BH 90212 after a 10-day wedding planning trip in Maryland. We have all of the major details set, and most of the smaller ones as well. There are of course a few loose ends, but since the trip was supposed to knock out all of the major stuff, we accomplished what we set out to do and then some. The location, hotel, officiant, flowers, cake, caterer, gifts, suits, and dresses have all been worked out…like I said, just a few incidentals remaining.

It’s nice to be back, and I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work. I missed the office…and the crew…and the work…