Don’t have a whole lot of time to write, so this is just a short update to say that Thailand is fantastic, the food is great (albeit interesting at times), and definitely relaxing. We’re going out for the day right now, and having dinner later with my old friend Piti, who used to work with Richard (where my old office was) back in the day.

We’ve got less than 48 hours to our honeymoon, and so I’m going to get back to it. Just wanted to say hi…also, we’ve got a bunch of photos up from our wedding…go check them out. More photos and words coming soon, I promise.

Bachelor party recap

It’s comforting to me that I can recount my bachelor party with full recollection, free of regret, and with a story lacking all of the seemingly requisite strip clubs, decadence and chicanery. No fights. No strippers. No blood. There were plenty of guts shared. Emotions revealed. Prayers given freely and graciously. And damn, my ass got roasted…

About fifteen of us, a completely mish-mashed crew, went up to Big Rock Creek which is located on the backside of the San Gabriel Mountain range, a few miles southeast of Valyermo, California, not too far off from Palmdale and Lancaster. We had a ceremony, a sweat, and spent a bunch of time walking around hangin’ out in the cold creek, eating good food, and shit-talkin’.

It was an incredible 24 hours. Filled with laughter, love and tears. My guys sent me off in a good way, and I am very grateful for the band of brothers I have been blessed with in my life. Thanks to everyone for all they shared and provided.

Morning drive meanderings

When you drive for an hour each way to work every day commuting, your mind wanders. The drive is nearly the same each day, except for lane changes, dodging poor drivers’ maneuvers, and stops for gas, etc. Your mind starts to attach itself to thoughts, instead of concentrating on how to get to your destination, because that remains the same. The only downside to this in my drive, is that sometimes my reflexes are needed to dodge the bullets in Koreatown – the bullets aren’t actually bullets, for those of you who don’t live in LA – as at least once a day someone stops on a yellow, runs a red light (horribly), and/or makes a right hand turn from the middle lane. It never fails.

In any case, my brain started to dance the other day, and I pulled over after a couple of minutes to write what came out of my brain, onto my [phone]:

Order and chaos dance and spar to a rhythm like breathing…calm and reserved, though equally (in random intervals) frenetic and grasping. They are less rivals or antagonists to each other, except perhaps as much as loving siblings argue, compete, and tease. For the pairing is the brother sister combo essential; companions, yin and yang.

As the ideas persist, I’ll post…