Blog formatting, a redesign, and another job change

I go through times where I post a lot, and then times where I find it difficult to do so. I have like 10-12 blog posts in draft status, and it’s probably because the current design of this site nearly requires the posts to be a minimum length; and that length is not too minimal. I know I’ve needed a redesign for a long time, seeing as this site is just a modified version of someone else’s joint, but I think more important than the redesign, is the rethinking of the blog format that fits me the best.

Over the last year (and really the last couple of months), I’ve fallen back in love with Twitter. It’s an ideal format for someone who is busy from sun-up to sun-down, and while I love to write longer and meatier posts, I just rarely find the time to tackle them. But Twitter leaves very little room for expansion, which is a good thing most of the time, as it keeps thoughts short and to the point. But what if I want to say a little more than 140 characters? Now I need a new blogging platform, and I’ll have to try to wrangle a new audience (as if circling up your twitter followers, Facebook friends, MySpace cohorts, IM pals, and frequent emailers isn’t hard enough). So while I have a Tumblr account (notice my “must haves” back on Nov 5th), like the idea of Posterous, Pownce, and all of these million interactive mediums, it’s all a bit tiring.

The plan is to find a blog format that serves as a bit of a catch-all for the various social tools, bringing it all under one roof, and be designed and structured in a way so that the length of a post won’t really matter. I’d like to create a plugin that suggests I’m talking too much when I go over 200 words, or something to that effect. In any case, changes and a redesign / redeployment are in the works for early ’09.

With that said, I’ve left Real Pie Media, amicably of course, and am now heading up the creative department at a mid-sized startup in Venice, CA, Musicane. My wife and I have also been working very hard on her new clothing line: WeWe Clothing. It’s been great so far, and I’m finding myself pushed on a daily basis, and learning a great deal. I’m learning new programs, new software development methodologies, and have a great budding creative unit. You’ll see more about these guys and gals as time rolls on. But just know, the ones I’m working with now are beasts.

So, here are some of the places I’m playing lately. Come and join me in the fun. Until later:

  • Twitter – micro-blogging at its finest, and using Twhirl to manage multiple accounts
  • – my favorite music charting and suggestion site
  • The Hype Machine – the best way to find new, relevant music
  • iLike – drop the iLike Sidebar on your iTunes and watch the magic
  • GetSatisfaction – forward-thinking proactive customer service
  • Backpack – a GTD app, in a sense…but just a bad-ass tool altogether
  • Facebook – I have a love/hate relationship with the facebooks…we’re on right now

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