Congratulations Johnny and Anya

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hulett…congratulations Anya and Johnny. I am a big fan of weddings, so it doesn’t surprise me much that I had a great day yesterday. It doesn’t matter what the setting is, who the attendees are, or what the ceremony looks like…when two people love each other truly, the day of their union is somehow always imbued with a beauty and peace indescribable. All of the minor crisis are transcendended and if you pay attention, everyon in attendance walks away with a warmth in the heart.

Thank you Johnny and Anya for everything, and my best of wishes to you moving forward from here. I’m honoured to know you both…

In a good way.

Back in the grind

I woke up today at the relatively reasonable hour of 5.45am…a far cry from normal, but even farther from the insane 2am wake-ups that have been markin’ my jet-lagged ass for the past week. I’m finally able to do some good time in the bed, sleeping and sleeping. I don’t remember jet lag being this bad, but honestly, I don’t think I was upright and sober for more than a few minutes the last time I returned from Africa.

It’s been really nice gettin’ to see the peeps and reconnect with all of my friends. I am missing my Zanzibari family and friends rather desperately, but I know now that there will be much less time between visits than the time between the last two, Inshallah. I am so fortunate to be so close with a family so far away, both distance-wise and culturally (at least there’s a great distance between the one I was raised in and their culture). I happen to think I fit in there quite fine, and not quite as well here.

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Sleep sucks

My sleeping schedule is completely wreck’d. I have been waking at 2am, bright as a butterfly ready for the day. It’s a little strange to be waking before the hour at which I more occasionally go to sleep. Alas, jet lag can do this. I’m doing my best to stay in bed, laying down, trying to get my body to realize that it’s off schedule, but I’m not fighting it too hard. I’m just going to let my body adjust as it needs to. No sense in rebelling…

One of the best days imaginable

My day has spun backwards and forwards, been full of confusion, tears, laughter, love, and friendship. It seems like everyone has called today – but it’s been a very peaceful day as well, where everything has just fallen into place and each leaving-the-country-tomorrow type of crisis has been met and dealt with quite quickly and easily. It’s such an amazing thing. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to send your thoughts and prayers and to all you who made it a point to hang out in the last couple of days – I don’t know if I can explain how much it means to me….

Thanks for a great year!

I just wanted to drop a wide-sweeping thank you to all of my friends, clients, co-workers and all of the visitors for making this the most fun year with 417north. I have thoroughly enjoyed working this year, and am really looking forward to moving into 2005. Roughly 167,000 visitors this year – thanks to each and every one of you.

In a good way,

A busy summer

We have just launched two sites in the past month, and the BLK/MRKT Gallery site. We also have two pending: for WBR recording artist Jody Breeze and illusionist Jonathan Bayme. There are four more in the works: new sites for photographer Michael Ballard, WBR recording artist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, independent recording artists ankore, and an identity system and site redesign for Baskin & Grant, LLP in Santa Cruz, CA.