Greg Huntoon

I’m a design leader, design systems junkie, anthropologist, open ocean swimmer, and native Los Angeleno.


A multi-disciplinary designer with 25+ years of experience in tech startups, entertainment companies, and design agencies. Strong interpersonal skills coupled with a laser focus on all facets of brand and user experience, coupled with a wealth of recent design system experience. A proven designer recognized for enthusiastic work ethic, collaboration, and a deep skill set, adept at translating ambitious vision into cogent product and brand strategies.


I believe in helping people find the best in themselves, and do my best to carry that mission to all of my designers, producers, and co-workers. I believe in kindness and in building a culture and community of transparency, cooperation, and trust.


Huntoon & Co.
Jun 1998 — Present
Mar 2020 — Sep 2022
DEFY Media
Oct 2009 — Feb 2018
Go Farm
Nov 2004 — Jun 2007

Skills / Services

Application Design
Art Direction
Brand Design
Creative Direction
Culture Mapping
Design Leadership
Design Systems
Ethnographic Research
Lean/Start-up UX
Software Design
Story Mapping
User Experience
User Research
Usability Testing
Visual Design
Web Design

Work samples

The design work displayed below is mostly confined to the last decade. Keep scrolling for creative/art direction samples.

Creative / Art direction

Design is a team sport. The screens that follow were designed in collaboration with some of the best designers, artists, producers, product managers, and photographers in the game. (Videos available on request.)

A few clients I’ve worked with

Over the last two decades, I’ve had the incredible pleasure of working with/for a wide variety of companies, agencies, and individuals. Below are some of the favorites…

20th Century Fox
American Airlines
Atlantic Records
Beverly Hills Unified School District
Cirque Du Soliel
Dave Kinsey
Epitaph Records
Ferret Records
Fox Searchlight
Golden Hippo
The Hollywood Reporter

Juxt Interactive
Kawasaki Motors
Media Temple
Monson Snowboards
The Oakland Zoo
PHD Media
Rebel Radio
Real Pie Media
Screen Junkies (of Honest Trailers fame)
SteelHouse (now MNTN)
Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Records
West Coast Choppers


Erik ShaniMatt SalikAli HaeriRyan GotoDavid NettNick WilsonBetina Chan-MartinJason RadovanChristopher StrimbuVictor KowalskiKevin SabbeMatt HinerfeldJessica Burdman
"I have found him to be an amazing team player, compassionate human being, talented designer, and overall a pleasure to work with. As often is the case at an earlier stage startup, Greg was flexible, open-minded, ready to pivot and adapt, speak his mind and share his opinion but also disagree and align when that was called."

Erik Shani

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer — Fyllo
"I watched him take a product design team spread across multiple continents and almost instantly increase their overall efficiency, effectiveness, and morale. His ability to create a smooth and collaborative culture was immediately evident in his team's day-to-day work, remote sessions, and net-new initiatives such as a UX research department, advanced prototyping for new features, a customer-obsessed team mentality, systems improvements, and well-defined creative experimentation. He trusts his team to make clever decisions while expertly guiding them along the way because Greg believes that when his crew feels the pride of ownership in their work, that work can only improve."

Matt Salik

Senior User Experience Designer, Product — Fyllo
"What's most impressive about Greg as a design leader is his ability to manage the needs of a diverse set of people – people outside of his team can rely on him to deliver a clear and consistent brand vision with timely deliverables, and people inside his team can rely on him to look out for their best interests and to help them grow. Beyond work, Greg is a fundamentally good person. He's genuine, humane, and he's lived a fascinating life. Happy to consider him a friend for life."

Ali Haeri

Vice President, Marketing — MNTN
"He brought me on as a young and inexperienced Brand Designer but was patient, always had my back, mentored me through many of my projects, and has defined the way I approach design. Greg is a natural-born leader, excelling at bringing the best out of his designers and urging them to practice design thinking and understand the importance of concepts before execution. His passion, energy, and tenacity for outstanding design have become the cornerstone for how I work and elevate every project I work on."

Ryan Goto

Art Director — Team Coco
"A talented and meticulous visual artist, Greg is equally skilled at executing beautiful, detailed design and prototyping powerful user experiences, while keeping in mind both the needs of the audience and the needs of the company. He displays an uncommon ability to focus narrowly on the smallest details, getting them just right, while simultaneously keeping in mind the big picture needs of every project. Greg's also a strong team leader who constantly inspires his art director and designers to to their best work, even under stressful circumstances. I'm fortunate to work with him on a daily basis."

David Nett

Director of Product Engineering — Apira Technologies
"Greg's boundless creativity, work ethic, versatility and adept execution skills have played a key role in driving our business forward. Greg is one of the few people I've worked with that has regularly astounded me with his ideas - many of which have turned into tangible, value-creating products. He's a designer, writer, manager, mentor, team mate, and above all voice of reason, integrity and drive. Greg is always one of the brightest lights in the room, never afraid to speak up but always seeking consensus with those around him."

Nick Wilson

Global CTO @ Endeavor
"Greg is one of those rare leaders who is equally passionate about the people on his team and about the brand that they are developing and designing for. He combines his pixel perfect design with a solid technical background, allowing him to lead and contribute to multiple areas of an organization."

Betina Chan-Martin

Sr. Director of Product, Sustainability — Aspiration
"In all of the ways you want someone in a VP of Creative/Creative Director position to be, Greg knocks it out of the park and then some. His years of experience in the industry coupled with his progressiveness towards exploring new design inspires confidence in those around him. Greg’s passion and drive to produce exciting work is met with his ability to empower his team; this earned us the reputation of being one of the highest performing departments in the company."

Jason Radovan

Creative Director — Beta Financial Services
"I found his ability to inspire and innovate always brought out the best work from everyone contributing to a project. With a keen eye for design and laser focus on user experience, his handiwork evolved concepts and ideas into something memorable. He's a pleasure to collaborate with, a great leader, someone who's got your back and an all around great dude."

Christopher Strimbu

UX Lead and Manager — Verily
"Greg is a passionate design thinker with a clear and tenacious vision...As a designer fresh out of college, he was a mentor to me and I never felt like I couldn't go to him for advice or clarification. Projects turned into learning experiences, no matter how small or large the design job was. He had a knack for turning stressful situations into enjoyable ones."

Victor Kowalski

Senior Designer — Snap Inc.
"Greg is an absolute pro in every sense of the word. He's a creative visionary and natural leader who's built out an equally talented team of artists and producers. By defining and implementing clear processes and best practices within his group, and solidly employing and broadcasting them across the company, Greg has created a bold, cohesive visual language that speaks loudly across all of DEFY's diverse brands. As a fellow creative executive, Greg's presence and envelope-pushing work inspires me to continually set and then raise the bar."

Kevin Sabbe

Chief Content Officer — Comcast Spectacor Gaming
"Whether putting out a fire or tackling a new design project, Greg always comes to the table with a great attitude and mindset. Greg has a great deal of empathy which he brings to bare in his professional life. I think this is one of many attributes that make him a very incisive and keen leader. He's sensitive and receptive to other points of view and works hard to find common ground and solutions. One of the lessons I took away from Greg after working with him for a couple of years was how to see opportunity in a problem. Rather than look at something as an obstacle, or as a negative, Greg faces each challenge and problem as a unique building block and way to learn and grow."

Matt Hinerfeld

Creative Ad Solutions — Roku Inc.
"Greg is a fantastic Creative Director, but he's more than that, really. He consistently brought new ideas - not just crazy ones, but solid, doable ideas - that always made the end product better. Plus, he's got a great personality and is super cool under fire - which he was, always, when he worked on projects with us."

Jessica Burdman

Chief Operator — UpperRight