One of the great things about working for an entertainment company is the talent you get to work with on a daily basis. It's such a joy to walk into a new photoshoot project with talent so eager to explore and play and have fun. Conceptually, each shoot had a different driving force and direction, but each well-captured the brands and shows represented. From new Smosh cast members piling into (and under) a shopping cart to announce their arrival into the online comedy world to two of our Clevver hosts floating in pool inflatables wearing red carpet gowns, the sky was the limit. It was such a blessing to work with this crew, and can't wait to do so again soon. These photoshoots were all concepted, directed, and produced in-house while at DEFY Media, and were used for press, brand collateral, sales decks / presentations, and across social media. Each of these photoshoots had so many moving pieces, and without such a stellar crew of producers, photographers, lighting assistants, designers, lighting specialists, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and PAs—not to mention the talent and clients—these photos would never have come to fruition.
Smosh, Clevver, ScreenJunkies; all for DEFY Media
Creative Director
Greg Huntoon
Michael Le Blanc
Matthew Hinerfeld
Robert Poole
Ryan Goto
Edgar Potenciano
Nathaniel Rothenberger
Daniel Kim
Nathaniel Rothenberger
Byron Nickleberry
Stephanie Mathis
Elisabeth Caren
Alan Boling
Byron Nickleberry
Katie Maco
Marybeth Bagonghasa