God? Really?

Belief In God?

Honestly people, do you really look up to Bush as a man of character, an honest God-loving man? One lady from this article on CNN.com certainly does:

“He’s a man of character,” said Cheryl Cheyney, a school bus driver from Cumming, Georgia, and a Republican. “He’s very honest in the things he says. I agree with his belief system, the way he believes in God and is not afraid to show it. That’s very important to me.”

How are any of his actions driven by a belief in God? Doesn’t anyone else see the horrific shadow of the Crusades in this mission? The situation in Iraq has turned into something completely devoid of truth and merit, logic, heart, or faith in God.

I don’t understand how so many people can sit back and attach God to American action in this war. Even the title is a hilarious and sick oxymoron… “War on Terror.” Umm, “Attack on Murder” or “The Slaughtering of Fear”. Why don’t we just call it “Terror v. Terror II: Revenge For Daddy”.

Is our own national self-image so blind and out of focus that we don’t see our own position in this masquerade? Have you any idea how disliked we are around the world now? Now I’m not always looking around to see if people like me and my actions, because everyone is going to find opposition and disagreement, but when a great deal of the people (read: not governments, or the organizations/corporations pandering to the governments) in this world think we’re wrong in our actions, don’t you think you should pause for a moment to think about it?

Do me a favor, please. Stop and mull this over: is killing insurgents (plus the thousands of innocents that lose their lives) and putting our country-men and -women in harm’s way actually resulting in something positive? Was it ever headed in that direction? Weren’t we moving in to find weapons of mass destruction? Can you honestly say that the actions we’re taking are having a positive effect on the world at large?

It seems to me that as the most powerful nation on the planet, and assuming that we care about what happens in the world beyond the oil-rich Middle East, we should be looking at each and every situation to discern how we can better the lives of those in need. That doesn’t mean converting the world to a demo-capitalist-cratic society in every case. Our way is not always the right way. Someday we’ll have a little talk about African nations and the wonderful effects of conversion, imperialism, and nationalism.

Until then, enjoy your day.

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