A few of the details

I’m an anthropologist by nature and education, a writer, swimmer and runner by passion, and an art director by accidental occupation. I never had any intentions of having a career as a designer. I have been living in Beverly Hills since October 2006 with my new wife, my son, and a new baby (Aug 30, 2007).

Life is terribly good, albeit incredibly busy and filled with lots of change at this point.

For the last several years I have headed up Go Farm, a design studio in Pasadena, CA with my old partner Brian Kupetz. And since long before that, dating back to the middle of 2001, I have kept up 417north as my personal portfolio. I have taken up post as Creative Director of Musicane, a music-tech start-up HQ’d in Venice. I’m having a blast so far, and love the team. This new position has also afforded me the opportunity to get about 20 miles of good road work in on each day I commute by bike. Riding to/fro about 3 days a week right now.

As I’m growing older and finding my place as a designer (and as a human), I realize that I have so many things that I want to learn and get better at. My “wants” in life are far less about material goods, and more about skills and personal development. Except for a new digital SLR…I really want one in a bad way to go with my desire to learn how to take better pictures. I want to shoot pictures and video like Peter when I grow up. I want to write more. I would like to spend more time in warrior pose than I do sitting in a chair. I want to climb Kilimanjaro before the snows melt, and to see the Nile and Amazon before they dwindle. I want to finish a triathlon; any length will do, but I’d feel like a champ crossing the finish line on an Olympic-length race. I want to smell the air my ancestors breathed in Ireland, England and Sweden. I’m starting to learn my wife’s mother tongue, Yoruba, and have always had a desire to speak Arabic. Add to that, more fluency in Spanish and Swahlii, and the language(s) of whatever country my family decides to move to in the next few years. There’s a long, long list of wants, and they’re all realistic.

It’s becoming clear to me that there are limitless possibilities. I’ve always felt like I have great moneymaking ideas on the daily, but can’t seem to wrangle the time to see them to fruition. Then I realized that it’s all about making small strides and putting one foot in front of the other. Now instead of a head full of ideas, I have a notepad full of diagrams and sketches, and the initial plans have starting making their way into prototypes. So, slowly but surely, some of the side projects that I’m passionate about are happening. With any luck, and a good deal of dedication and help from others, I’ll be sharing some things with you all this year. As things get closer, I’ll start showing off the progress, and keep everything up-to-date here.

First, before anything else gets any more attention, greghuntoon.com will be receiving its very first design. I’m thoroughly excited about it, and can’t wait to get the psd into HTML and CSS, and then turned into my new WordPress theme.

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