Satisfaction vs. recognition

Of course, there’s no reason that these two words need be on opposite sides of the net. They are not opposing forces, and quite often arrive together at the end of a project. And of course, every client would love to walk away from each project with a big fat smile, and a large gold pencil or Webby in their hands.

But here we are, smack dab in a world where not every client is Coca-cola, Addidas, or Nike. The same world where budgets shrink and expectations rise. Where clients push you to move quickly, and often lose focus of the greater picture through the development (or design) process. So, for the sake of conversation and spirited dialogue, I want to know which of these are more important to you.

Would you rather have a satisfied studio and client with less recognition in the industry, or overworked and beleaguered staff, stressed out clients, and an award for your efforts? (Of course, there are other options, but I am Oz in this line of questioning. Deal with it.)

Which is more important to you and why: client satisfaction or project recognition?

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