How hard is it to make a great phone?

Forgive me, because my cynicism and knowledge are not up to speed when it comes to the mobile phone world. But honestly, my bitterness is growing and catching up quickly. I currently own and rock the Motorola Q, which sadly is often in need of recharge by midday. There are so many things that I love about it, but I just can’t deal with the horrible battery life.

Family members scream about the Blackberry 8800 series because it runs CDMA and GPRS/GSM networks, but somehow is without a camera. The Blackberry Curve is quite nice, but I’ll have to switch networks to use it. There are a ton of great Sony/Ericsson phones, but I’ll have to switch continents (and/or networks, to boot) to use them.

It’s simple. I want a phone, preferably that can run on Sprint (CDMA protocol), because a ton of family and friends are on Sprint, that has the following:

  • nice 2.0+ mgpx camera w/ video
  • full QWERTY keyboard
  • great battery life (at the bare minimum, I need to be able to take the phone off charge before leaving to work and not need to charge until I get home)
  • push email technology (Blackberry or MS Exchange)
  • instant messaging
  • threaded text messaging
  • a nice web browser (I love the Windows Mobile browser, and Safari on the iPhone is fantastic)
  • ability to cut and paste (might seem rudimentary, but talk with the geniuses that released the Motorola Q, and iPhone from what I hear, without this base technology)
  • edit word and excel docs and spreadsheets
  • audio player
  • expansion memory slots

If anyone knows of a phone hiding from me, please pass it along. I’m at a loss for what to do. The iPhone is close, but so many people are saying that it’s just not worth the hype. I’m sure it’s a fantastic experience, but I’m just wondering why it’s not more customizable; just seems kinda strange to me. I may have to make the switch over to another network, but I just can’t envision paying the damn early cancellation fee. The mobile phone industry really is a racket…

As technology allows greater convergence, some level of mobile standardization will be required, but I still think that we’re a ways off. There should be a base level of competence for phones that just isn’t anywhere close to reality at this point in time. It’s a sad state of affairs for so many of us that rely so heavily on our phones for productivity and performance. I would really like to be able to have a phone that also has the ability to: send & receive emails and instant/text messages, be my music player, take digital camera for snaps (not serious photos), and also have enough storage or expandable space to transfer files to/from work/home. Again, I don’t think I’m shooting for the moon, but suggesting that these “great” technology providers actually deliver something worthy of our monies.

Because think about it, for the prices we’re paying year in and year out, we should be happy with what we have. I know few people happy with their current situation. Most of us switch phones before our 2-year discounts are available, and they just keep us running in circles.

All I’m saying is, what if a company actually delivered something that made us completely happy? It’s a great feeling to think someone might actually do that…

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  1. As a follow-up to my own article, for anyone who is interested, I found a possible solution (though I’m still settling for something lower than what should be available) in the HTC Mogul: read CNET Review >

    It looks to be a solid solution, although hearing that it can bog down performance-wise is not good news. We’ll see, moving forward I may choose to go this route.

  2. Oh, it’s coming…I’m sure many of you have heard about it already: The HTC Diamondtouch:

    Wow. I will be waiting until November, apparently. I think this is just as nice (or nicer) than the iPhone. I love the flair, the edges….I can’t wait.

  3. Latest update to the HTC Diamond Touch:

    I’m officially waiting for that badboy.

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