On the plane

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m sitting on the plane next to a sleeping sister Emily, and oddly enough, directly behind two sets of friends who boarded our plane when we stopped in Vegas a few hours ago (Tim H. and the elder Klink from the northern part of the state, for those of you who run in similar circles). We’re all headed the same place, and I’m guessing that a majority of the plane is headed to Buffalo en route to Toronto, ’cause we’re saving hundreds of dollars avoiding Toronto as our plane’s destination city ‘ I’m sure others followed the same path.

On a dumb ass note, I forgot my registration badge and information for the conference I’m attending in Toronto. Something tells me it won’t be a problem to replace ($15, little sister tells me), but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to sit in any lines due to brainless mistakes. On the flipside, the registration and an extra pair of contacts are the only things I forgot, and my sister-in-law is next-daying a couple of extra pairs of contacts to my friend Betsy’s house in New York where I’m staying for 24 hours Sunday-Monday.

I have my passport, moolah, yellow fever vaccination card, a huge epinephrine shot (should I go into anaphalaxic shock from the yellow fever shot – lol), and underoos. What else do I need’ Everything is packed. I’m looking forward to arriving in Toronto, getting a little bit settled, sleeping for a spell, and then rising for a nice morning run tomorrow before heading into the conference. My legs are sore from sitting in this damn seat all afternoon, and my body just feels out of sorts because of all of the crazy running around I’ve been doing for the last few days.

Something tells me I’ll have internet access for the next four or five days, so y’all can expect to see posts/emails between now and then. I’ll spare you the boring day-to-day shit (like this email) and will just hit you up with the few large email/photo blasts. I hope everyone’s well.

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