Toronto, Day 3

So, I’m running around town with Morgan and Tierney, and have spent a perfectly beautiful Toronto day plowing around the town. I spent some time up at the conference earlier in the day, as I had a few meetings that I needed to attend, but then the afternoon was spent freely bounding along the subway/train system up in a place called Kensington Market. We ate some tremendous Thai food at a place called Hungary Thai where they serve weiner schnitzel alongside pad thai – odd combo if you ask me, but the food was incredible, and the fresh juice was insanely good as well.

We headed off to a park, and spent a half hour in the shadows resting, lounging around. It feels so nice to have some time to myself, just to sit and mellow. I have a little bit of work that I have to accomplish tomorrow at the airport, and on the plane, and preparations that have to be made for my trip which starts in about 40 hours, so it’s been so important to get to clear myself of all the overwhelming emotions surrounding my departure.

I have had such an amazing time being here. I am in love with Toronto, though I imagine its winters might leave something to be desired.

I’m at Morgan’s hostile right now waiting for the bums to change – so, I paid two toonies (did I spell that right?) which is two Canadian dollars for the half-hour, in order to spend a little bit of time writing you all this fun little ditty. Much love to all of you back home; and to those of you who were dying to be here too, trust me, we/I have been thinking about you. In such a good way…

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