Week 3 Imeanza

The third week has started, and it started with a bang yesterday. I awoke with a stiff back from swimming out on Changuu a couple of days prior, but really because I haven’t let it have the proper time to heal cause I’m not going to sit still during this holiday. In any case, I jumped on the daladala – the major mode of transport here which is a flatbed truck with a cover and bench seats so named because it used to cost a dollar – and headed out to sister Hobo’s place to see Eddie’s wife Husna off on her return to London.

While I was waiting for Eddie to return from the airport, little 5-year-old Said gave me a tour of the property to show me all of the papaya, banana, and guava trees. He was so bored it was making me laugh. Eddie and I left shortly after he returned and headed to Darjani to meet their soccer team at the market. We waited around for the big cement truck that was to haul us out to the shamba (umm, rural farm-ish countryside) which took about 45 minutes due to stops at the mosque for prayer and bubblegum from the shop nextdoor. But we finally arrived at a farm, with a proper soccer pitch in the middle with goalposts and all. Really a great sight – noone had a camera, but I’ll make sure to take mine next Sunday.

There’s much more to this, but I have to run. I’ll fill it in later.

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