Toronto, Day 1

We arrived safely in Buffalo, although our flight was a little late. Our friends Tim and BJ offered to have us share their hotel room for the night so that we could avoid driving up to Toronto so late at night. We decided to just push on through, and we went to pick up our car at the rental counter and picked up an upgrade to a soccer-mom Toyota mini-van and three guys trying to make their way up to Toronto as well. Turns out, I knew one of the guys, and we all have a bunch of friends in common.

It was a pretty simple drive, and definately was painless crossing the border. We stopped at Tim Horton’s, which is a scary chain that is found everywhere on both sides of the border, for soup, sandwiches, yogurt and berries, and donuts. Oh, and the peach passion drink that almost was forced on Emily and Zephyr (one of the three guys) by the lady at the counter who looked like she was going to start bouncing up and down with excitement when they asked her if the drink was any good.

We ran into some friends as soon as we arrived in Toronto and then simply headed back to our hotel, brought our stuff upstairs, and went off to sleep.

Thursday has been a really mellow day. I registered for the conference, bought a few things, and then headed back to the hotel to tie up a few loose ends with work. I did get a nice long run in tonight, probably in the vicinity of 4 or 5 miles, which was really nice cause I got to see a whole lot of the city. Toronto’s pretty nice and clean, but the humidity made my lungs feel like they were filled with mashed potatoes after the run.

Tomorrow will be fairly early and full. Looking forward to it…

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