Doodoo In My Eye

I never thought I’d have to say it, but when it came out of my mouth this morning, I burst into laughter – “Kuna wadudu ndani ya mayai!” Which basically translates into, “There’re ants in my eggs!,” but I still only heard myself say that there is doodoo in my eye. Next best thing to the words themselves was Mama Chachi’s response, “Ahh, they won’t hurt anything; just eat.” Perfect. Protein. But, well, uh, yeah, I scraped off all that I could before chomping down my morning meal of eggs ala oil and bread con ants.

Today I’ve awoken with a headcold of sorts, but it seems to be waning. We were supposed to go out to Chumbe Island today to go snorkelling, but I decided to just mull around town with my camera and hang out with the kids. I think I’m going to try to find a moderately priced hotel for a stay out of town somewhere by myself tomorrow night, as my days are running out here in Zanzibar.

This is another short post, but I’m going to do my best to get some photos up right now. There are a few up and live at:

Hope all’s well where you are…

2 thoughts on “Doodoo In My Eye”

    1. Loved your post. Hope that everyone who cruises through here goes to read it. I actually just wrote a bit of a follow-up to it myself… Really enjoyed reading a bunch more back into your past work experience…didn’t know you were a finance guy, originally.

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